Key Features

Remote iAlarm is capable of simultaneously connecting to 16 DVRs and CM3000 servers (a maximum of 2 CMS servers is permitted). This free of charge tool is easy to install and operate; users can authorize with 256 accounts. While connecting with the CM3000 server, all alarm information from CM3000 and AVer DVRs/NVRs is receivable and editable. The Remote iAlarm also allows users to receive alarms from a CM3000 server for instant management. The priority, time, status, keywords, and all alarm event names are changeable; plus, all changed data will be recorded in CM3000, as well. Alarm events can be searched, filtered, and sorted based on server name, priority, operator, time, status, alarm name, and other conditions.


  • Free of charge tool that can co-work with CM3000 and operate individually for more flexible security solutions
  • compatible with all AVer DVRs/NVRs and central management systems
  • all alarm information will be updated synchronously for both CM3000 and Remote iAlarm
  • supports searching by multiple conditions: server name/ priority/ operator/ time/ status/ keywords/ alarm name
  • supports sorting function to re-arrange the order of the alarm list
  • create a filter based on search conditions and support up to 8 filter windows