Key Features

Remote Setup allows users to configure AVer's “DVR Server”; it's fully integrated into AVer DVRs/NVRs and. Via the Remote Setup, users are able to change many settings such as system settings, camera settings, record settings, network settings, schedule settings, and alarm settings.


(The following configuration items are subject to change for different DVR/NVR models and software)

System Settings
  • Delete the event and alarm logs after a specified number of days
  • Playback mode configuration
  • Date format configuration
  • Preview autoscan period configuration
  • Activate/deactivate desktop lock, mandatory record, auto record, auto start network, and silent launch
  • POS text font and position configuration
  • Enable/disable UPS and guest mode
  • System time configuration support

Camera settings
  • Enable/disable camera
  • Set camera name and description
  • Choose camera video source: analog camera, IP camera, or remote DVR
  • Set video adjustment: brightness, contrast, hue, & saturation
  • Activate/deactivate noise reduction
  • Activate/deactivate auto brightness control

Record settings
  • Set recording mode, alarm recording with pre-alarm recording, motion detection sensitivity, schedule, voice detection intensity, recording frame rate, recording resolution, and compression format

Network settings
  • Set server time, transmitting camera, remote console port, network video quality and frame rate
  • Enable/disable white list function, handy view, network bandwidth limitation, etc.

Schedule settings
  • Set schedule for "record", "backup", "enable network", "reboot", "disable alarm", and "turn on relay".

alarm settings
  • Set alarm name and description
  • Set the enable time of each alarm
  • Set all alarm conditions available in remote DVR
  • Enable/disable alarm action: launch E-map, TV-out, enlarge camera view, send E-mail, file transmission via FTP, start recording, alarm SOP, and send to CMS